Recent Work

I am currently working at (a division of rebuilding the frontend from the ground up. Previous to that, I worked on a Personal Finance Management application at Strands.

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  • Javascript | HTML | CSS | .NET

I am currently busy rebuilding the Front End. Archives is an owned site focused on family history and records search. My work at Archives involves setting development standards, architecting the front end, and creating reusable javascript components.

Strands PFM

  • Javascript | JavascriptMVC | HTML | CSS

I worked on a javascript based PFM (Personal Finance Management) application at Strands. Think of it as a whitelabel for major banks. There was some challenging work there on abstracting out front end components to make the application fully customizable for clients, which included Barclays and ING. Being a banking application, accessibility was also of utmost importance.

Freelance Work

These are couple of fun side projects / freelance sites I built a few years ago.

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Nosalgo Nightlife Guide

  • Javascript | PHP | HTML | CSS | Product Development

Nosalgo is a web/mobile dining and bar guide for Barcelona. I came up with the concept along with a colleague who served as the art director to tame the bustling nightlife scene in Barcelona (it's big business in touristy and popular Barcelona). It was a fun project with a nice aesthetic.

Feel Barcelona Apartment Rental

  • Javascript | HTML | CSS | SEO

Feel Barcelona is an international apartment rental agency. Their requirements included exceptional SEO performance tuning. After redoing their frontend there was a signficant bump in valuable organic traffic.

Travelclick Sites

In my three and a half years at Travelclick I worked on the development of a custom PHP based multilingual hotel management CMS which was the centerpiece of Travelclick's international web solutions offering. I also developed dozens of hotel sites during that time. This is a selection of sites I built for Travelclick.

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Hotel Rey Juan Carlos

  • PHP | Javascript | HTML | CSS
Capella Hotel Group

  • PHP | Javascript | HTML | CSS

  • PHP | Javascript | HTML | CSS
Grand Hyatt Doha Restaurants

  • PHP | Javascript | HTML | CSS
Granary Boutique Hotel

  • PHP | Javascript | HTML | CSS
Kings Canyon Resort

  • PHP | Javascript | HTML | CSS
Hyatt Macau Restaurants

  • PHP | Javascript | HTML | CSS
Albert Hotel

  • PHP | Javascript | HTML | CSS
El Questro Hotel and Resort

  • PHP | Javascript | HTML | CSS
Lancemore Hotel Group

  • PHP | Javascript | HTML | CSS
Pueblo Acantilado Resort

  • PHP | Javascript | HTML | CSS
Hassler Hotel

  • PHP | Javascript | HTML | CSS

Product Management

I worked on as Web Product Manager / Analyst at Infojobs and Careesma (major European based online job boards).

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  • Product Management is one of the biggest web based job boards in Italy. Job Board

  • Product Management, along with its sister site, are major online job boards based in Austria and Poland, respectively.